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Royal jelly is produced by glands of worker bees to feed young bees and queens. This bee "breast milk" is a yellowish-white gelatinous substance is partially soluble in water. Fresh royal jelly has about 60-70% water, 10-20% protein, 5-15% lipid, 5-15% sugar and viramine, minerals and many other substances in low concentrations.


Pollen is pollen of the plants. It contains male sex cells and plants such as the carrier of genetic properties of plants and contain all the necessary nutritional substance for the creation and development of new life. Pollen is a natural source of vitamins (especially E and B group), minerals, lipids, proteins, and many other substances.


Propolis is a resinous solid substance secreted by plants, and bees collect and finalize. Propolis word comes from the Greek word pro - before or in front and polis - the city. It is believed that the name was given because the bees used to defend the hive from the elements and honeycomb sterilization.




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