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Plant a flower for bee world!

Do you know that we can thank bees for every third bite?

Emphasizing the connection between man and the world's most valuable small pilots, Albert Einstein said that the human race would not have survived for more than four years if bees disappeared.  Bees pollinate more than a hundred plant species and without them, the multitude of these species would vanish. Therefore, the necessary amount of food for human and animal consumption would be terminally jeopardized, which definitely would be a one way direction to irreparable disaster. Pesticides, diseases, global warming and intensive agricultural farming have led to a drastic decline in bee colonies, which have now fallen to almost 30 %. This decline  has become a significant global problem.

What can I do, you ask?

Plant a flower for bee world!Plant a flower for bee world! Become Hedera’s bee protector! Each of us can help protect bee colonies by building up a small part of the bee world. You just need to plant flowers that bees love. Bees like to visit various flowers in the meadows, parks, along the roads, in the woods, the fields, in every garden. They need a healthy diet, just as we do. By helping them to have that, we keep our future healthy as well.

Hedera, a company specialized in the preparation of natural bee products , invites all of you to plant the seeds of our organic farming partner " Biovrt - in harmony with nature ", to help preserve the bee population. Without a doubt, they will know how to return the favour!

Hedera gives you a seed in each purchase of its products.

When your seeds sprout and the plants bloom, please feel free to take photographs and send them to

We will post your part of the bee world on our Facebook profile!

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