Respiratory system

Propolis therapy or therapy that combines propolis with medications has been considerably effective in healing inflammation of nasal cavity, throat, sinusitis, inflammation of the vocal cords, bronchitis and pulmonary tuberculosis.


BRONHOCET® contains pure Croatian propolis and bee pollen of Dalmatian herb Rock Rose with addition of vitamin C. Propolis and pollen are prepared in their native form without chemical treatment in solvents and because of that they contain all healthy natural ingredients as in nature. That kind of propolis and pollen, produced by special innovative procedures, were examined at Ruder Boskovic Institute in Zagreb and Institute of Naval Medicine in Split. The product is GLUTEN FREE. INGREDIENTS 1 cellulose…


Because I had asthma 2005th year taken antiastmatike because the attacks were frequent and could not walk for a long time. Ever since I started taking 3 capsules daily preparations BRONHOCET situation is markedly improved. Dyspnea disappeared and can smoothly walk 5.5 km to 53 minutes.




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The influence of propolis on human body



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