Kidneys and liver

KIDNEYS Antioxidative substances in propolis not only protect the kidneys from acute damage caused by some cytostatics during chemotherapy, but also prevent forming of carcinoma on the kidneys.

Reproductive organs

Clinical experiences of local therapy with propolis preparations have shown good results in treating cervical ectopia, erosion, inflammation and vaginal inflammation.

Carcinoma of the thyroid

It all started with the symptoms: problems swallowing, sleeping, extended neck, fatigue, hair loss, insomnia, dropped brow, fainting, altered diopters, altered EEG ... I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and very soon after that my thyroid surgically removed. Ever since I found out I began to regularly use Nativni propolis. The first half of the year I saw 3x3 capsules, now currently drink 2x3 - plans to increase the dose, since I'm going back to radiation. After taking much I have improved health.…




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The influence of propolis on human body



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