Stomach ulcer

In 1986. I got a stomach ulcer that manifests pains and acid in the stomach and digestive difficulties. Of the drugs I take controloc. In February 2006. I started taking two capsules of native propolis. After 40 days I felt the weight of any acid in the stomach, the chair is normalized, and the general condition is much better. I can eat and drink what I want.

Čir na želucu

Godine 1986. dobio sam čir na želucu koji se manifestira bolovima i kiselinom u želucu i probavnim poteškoćama. Od lijekova uzimam controloc. U veljači 2006. počeo sam uzimati 2 kapsule nativnog propolisa. Nakon 40 dana nisam više osjećao težinu niti kiselinu u želucu, stolica se normalizirala, a opće stanje je puno bolje. Mogu jesti i piti što poželim.




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The influence of propolis on human body



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