MELBROVIT® is a natural energy stimulant with royal jelly as its main ingredient. Royal jelly is a perfectly balanced food supplement for men and women who want to keep their strength and endurance in every stage of life, especially the middle aged and the elderly. It is a unique natural substance with very special biological properties which cannot be compared with substances from other natural sources. There is still no compliant scientific explanation about its mechanism of action on maintenance…

Chronic anemia (low hemoglobin and iron)

Always suffer from anemia, but got very ill 14 years ago and now before 3 months I have a very low hemoglobin and iron. My symptoms are palpitations, shortness of breath, weakness, dizziness, problems before menstruation, morning sickness ... From ferroceta no more uspušem when I climb the stairs, I was no longer tired as before, palpitation are rare, disappeared weakness.

Lack of energy, stress

For a long time I suffer from fatigue and lack of energy. Since I Melbrovit I have more energy, less anxiety and I feel good.


At 8 and 9 months during ambrosia, especially releasing pollen had expressed difficulty with burning eyes, dry, itchy nose, burning throat and palate, sinuses were clogged and I lost the sense of smell and taste by 15 dana.Uz all had I have low immunity, he felt tired and fatigued, coughing, wheezing, waking up at night with symptoms of suffocation itd.Čak two times I ended up on the infusion of exhaustion, and mentally I was distracted and nervous about the problems that have lasted longer than…


Buy during other treatments of chemotherapy treatments for Hodgkin's disease, my hair is starting to decline. In the next three courses I felt more tired and weak and without power. I could no longer climb stairs without stopping and resting. I am no longer out of the apartment, except when I had chemotherapy. Levels of blood cells is significantly decreased. During the five courses of chemotherapy began to take 2x3 capsules daily native propolis company from Hedera Stobreč and after a few days…




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The influence of propolis on human body



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