Propolis and inflammation

There are numerous scientific proofs about the antiinflammatory effects of propolis, not just on inflammations caused by microorganisms but on aseptic inflammations which are not caused by infectious agens (burns from radiations and chemicals, autoimmune inflammations). Leading role in it has have the polyphenols from propolis. Researches discover more and more of the complexity of biochemic mechanisms which propolis starts in inflammatory processes. Its antioxidant activity is base of antiinflammatory…

Nativni propolis godsend

Already more than a year ago ordering Nativni propolis for son 13 years who suffers from Huntington's disease. His condition began to deteriorate so it could be seen especially in weight loss, loss of appetite and zest for life. Physical changes were such that it could not recognize nor his closest. All that was left to him were skin and bones. Panic and fear of his death had been thrown into despair. I prayed to God to direct me to something that my 35 years old son prolong life. The same day I…

The miracle of medicine

Crude propolis is a "miracle drug". Ga can feel free to call the drug. I had frequent sore throat after taking cold drinks, ice cream and sudden changes of weather. Since 2x2 capsules a day, I had a sore throat, and winter colds or flu I have. With the same dose of my mother after a short time, significantly improved blood. Long suffered from anemia. Now the value of iron reached almost the cap. I'm grateful for such products. BIG THANK YOU!




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The influence of propolis on human body



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