oxidative stress


Radiation protection

Thanks antioxidant capacity, capturing free radicals and prevent oxidative stress, NATIVE Propolis has a protective potential against various types of radiation, particularly in high-risk professions (working with radioactive and imaging devices, generators, radar, microwave ovens, welding equipment, exposure to sunlight).

Oxidant/antioxidant properties of Croatian native propolis

Sobočanec S, Šverko V, Balog T, Šaric A, Rusak G, Likić S, Kušić B, Katalinić V, Radić S, Marotti T. Division of Molecular Medicine, Ruder Boskovic Institute, Zagreb. Native propolis was defined as propolis powder collected from the continental part of Croatia and prepared according to a patented process that preserves all the propolis natural nutritional and organoleptic qualities. Nine phenolic compounds (out of thirteen tested) in propolis sample were detected by high performance liquid…

Protecting of athletes

Active of athletes, particularly high-end, characterized by maximum body burden (large oxygen intake) and high mental effort (plus corticosteroids) that cause intense oxidative stress. Consequence of the increase in enormous amounts of free radicals that damage cell components (proteins, lipids, DNA) in the entire organism. So it is not sufficient merely reinforced "vitaminizacija" athletes, but also the protection of natural plant antioxidants that help the body to neutralize radical and severe…




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The influence of propolis on human body



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