Survival of mice after exposure to gamma rays is attributed to propolis’s antioxidative properties and it indicates its potential for protection from free radicals produced by various types of radiation.

Propolis and radiation

Research suggest that propolis may protect the organism from the harmful effects of radioactive, ultraviolet and electromagnetic radiation.

Radiation protection

Thanks antioxidant capacity, capturing free radicals and prevent oxidative stress, NATIVE Propolis has a protective potential against various types of radiation, particularly in high-risk professions (working with radioactive and imaging devices, generators, radar, microwave ovens, welding equipment, exposure to sunlight).

Nativni propolis - a natural antioxidant (Poslovni savjetnik)

Nativni propolis contains pure Croatian propolis and bee pollen from plants bušinac Dalmatian. Latest research Heder revealed some new healing and beneficial properties of propolis. Company Hedera from nature took propolis in their original form as they have been ga created plants, and further refined the bees. Innovative technology is produced without chemical treatment preparation Nativni propolis. This is the best way to preserve all of its medicinal properties. Propolis contains more than 200…

Native propolis®

The use of propolis in its original form is becoming increasingly difficult nowadays, due to pollution in areas where bees collect it. Thus, it needs to be chemically treated before it can be used by humans. These procedures are a cause of partial loss of biologically active substances. Therefore, propolis solutions do not retain all the compounds originally contained in propolis since it is not completely soluble in any known solvent. Due to harmful effects of solvents, it must not be used in larger…

Carcinoma of the thyroid

It all started with the symptoms: problems swallowing, sleeping, extended neck, fatigue, hair loss, insomnia, dropped brow, fainting, altered diopters, altered EEG ... I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and very soon after that my thyroid surgically removed. Ever since I found out I began to regularly use Nativni propolis. The first half of the year I saw 3x3 capsules, now currently drink 2x3 - plans to increase the dose, since I'm going back to radiation. After taking much I have improved health.…

Cancer bronchus

In May 2005. diagnosed with bronchus cancer. Plus chemotherapy in July 2005. I started taking a total of seven native propolis capsules per day in two divided doses. Tumor size was not increased, and after irradiation with regular intake of propolis, tumor size was reduced by 1/3. Almost there were no side effects during chemotherapy and radiation.




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The influence of propolis on human body



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