Improvement of iron utilisation
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The natural product FERROCET® contains pure Croatian propolis and bee pollen of the Dalmatian herb Rock rose (Cistus monspeliensis), with the addition of vitamin C and fructose (fruit sugar). Propolis and pollen are prepared in their native form without any chemical treatment during preparation, preserving all of their healthy properties, just like in nature.  This kind of propolis and bee pollen, obtained through an innovative process were investigated in the Ruder Boskovic Institute in Zagreb and the Institute of Naval Medicine in Split.

The product is GLUTEN FREE.

1 cellulose capsule contains 225 mg of propolis, 110 mg of bee pollen, 50 mg of fructose and 15 mg of vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

There are no adverse effects within recommended doses because of its native form of preparation.

People who are allergic to bee products are recommended not to use it.

Bottle contains 60 capsules

2 years

Hedera d.o.o., 4. gardijske brigade 35, Kamen, 21000 Split, Croatia

FERROCET® provides better utilization of iron. Certain levels of iron are present in propolis (cca. 456 mg/kg) and bee pollen (cca. 117 mg/kg). Investigations revealed that propolis and pollen improve iron utilization, transfer of iron to the blood and accelerate restitution of hemoglobin in conditions of iron deficiency. Vitamin C and fructose reduce Fe3+ to Fe2+ which also results in better absorption of iron from the intestine to systemic circulation. In addition, propolis protects vitamin C from degradation, resulting in its higher concentration in the stomach and small intestine, which is very important for the stable metabolism of iron.

FERROCET® may be used preventively by people who have a tendency of iron deficiency. It is recommended to women of reproductive age, especially those with profuse and frequent menstrual bleeding because such conditions regularly cause decreased iron levels. Children, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers can also use it

2x2 capsules per day, half an hour after meals. In acute conditions the dose can be increased to 2x3 capsules per day. FERROCET® does not contain iron in a synthetic form and there is no risk of overdose.

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