Native Propolis Junior®

Natural immunity booster for children
Price: 24.00 € /piece

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NATIVE PROPOLIS JUNIOR® produced by innovative process from propolis and the bee pollen powder from Dalmatian plants Rock Rose (Cistus sp.). The title native indicates that the product is in its original form, as in nature, without any chemical processing solvents. Therefore, it contains all the substances that the plant installed in it, unlike the propolis preparations derived by chemical solvents, in which there is only a part of medicinal substances (alcoholic, water, polyglicolic solutions). This is the reason why it can be used in large doses without adverse effects. There is no similar product on the market.

The product is GLUTEN FREE.

No adverse effects are not expected at the recommended dose due to the original natural form of propolis and pollen received.

Children allergic to bee products are recommended not to use it.

Cardboard box contains a bottle containing 20 g of powder and a dosing spoon. Bottom filled spoon contains approximately 0.5 g of powder.

2 years

One bottle contains 20g powder mixture of 12.5% of propolis and 87.5% bee flower powder in which dominates pollen from Dalmatian plant Rock Rose (Cistus species: C. monspeliensis, C. villosus, C. salviaefolius).

There are numerous scientific evidences about the therapeutic potential of propolis. Effectiveness is shown against bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites.  It has anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative and anti-allergic properties. It raises body’s immune system by inducing the production of specific substances that strengthen its defense. All this results in protection from diseases. The medicinal properties of Croatian propolis and pollen of Dalmatian Rock Rose, have been tested in the Ruder Boskovic Institute in Zagreb by genetic method of DNA chips and determination of anti-oxidative potential.

it is used to strengthen the immunity system, in condition of reduced resistance of the organism and protection from common colds in children.

The product is recommended to children over one year, once a day as follows:
1-2 bottom filled spoons for children under 10 kg body weight
2-4 bottom filled spoons for children from 10-20 kg body weight
4-6 bottom filled spoons for children from 20-30 kg body weight
As it is not soluble in water, the most practical way is to mix it with mushy food (honey, yogurt and similar child food). Any lumps that may remain due to stickiness of propolis can be crunched by the attached spoon.

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