Oral cavity

Propolis stops the reproduction of bacteria in the oral cavity, heals necrotic stomatitis, aphthae and candidiasis, prevents the forming of dental plaque and dental caries, reduces the painful sensitiveness of teeth, increases tooth enamel hardness, strengthens dental pulp, reduces the acute and chronic inflammation of gums (paradontosis).


NATIVE PROPOLIS prevents lesion and strengthens the defence of the heart muscle from oxidative stress and free radicals that are formed under the influence of cardio-toxic substances. The protective activity is especially important in cases of heart diseases and persons at risk for hereditary heart diseases.

Respiratory system

Propolis therapy or therapy that combines propolis with medications has been considerably effective in healing inflammation of nasal cavity, throat, sinusitis, inflammation of the vocal cords, bronchitis and pulmonary tuberculosis.


Tests on mice have shown that propolis prevents the forming of cataract and enhances the antioxidative defence of blood and lens.


The effect of propolis on brain cells had been unknown in professional literature. Tests conducted by the Ruđer Bošković Institute have shown that the NATIVE PROPOLIS could protect the brain from damage and atrophy of nerve cells,

Digestive system

Propolis has a healing effect on the digestive system. It stimulates its regular functioning and protects stomach cells from alcohol-caused damage.
Experiences with NATIVE PROPOLIS show that it can be effective in constipation prevention.

Kidneys and liver

KIDNEYS Antioxidative substances in propolis not only protect the kidneys from acute damage caused by some cytostatics during chemotherapy, but also prevent forming of carcinoma on the kidneys.

Reproductive organs

Clinical experiences of local therapy with propolis preparations have shown good results in treating cervical ectopia, erosion, inflammation and vaginal inflammation.

Propolis effects

Effect of propolis on human body

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Effect of propolis on human body




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The influence of propolis on human body



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