Kidneys and liver


Kidneys and liver

KIDNEYS Antioxidative substances in propolis not only protect the kidneys from acute damage caused by some cytostatics during chemotherapy, but also prevent forming of carcinoma on the kidneys.

LIVER Ruđer Bošković Institute has determined that NATIVE PROPOLIS prevents liver damage caused by free radicals and enhances its antioxidative defence. Tests conducted on mice have shown that, generally, propolis protects the liver from chemical toxins and alcohol, which is attributed to its ability to capture free radicals. Its protective effect is stronger than the well known substance glycyrrhizin, used by official medicine.

Carcinomas Stops the growth of some kinds of liver tumours and kills cancerogenic cells. Liver protection is important to chronic patients who must take medications regularly, in cases of liver diseases and to persons prone to alcohol abuse.

Propolis effects

Effect of propolis on human body

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Effect of propolis on human body




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The influence of propolis on human body



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