Physical and chemical characteristics of propolis

Terapijska svojstva

Propolis is a resinous substance of a yellowy green to brown or dark red colour, a balsamic aroma, and a bitter taste. To this day, over 300 biologically active substances have been isolated from propolis.

The most important among them are flavonoids, various phenolics and aromatic compounds.

The use of propolis in its original form is becoming increasingly difficult nowadays, due to pollution in areas where bees collect it. Thus, it needs to be chemically treated before it can be used by humans.

These procedures are a cause of partial loss of biologically active substances. Therefore, propolis solutions do not retain all the compounds originally contained in propolis since it is not completely soluble in any known solvent.

Due to harmful effects of solvents, it must not be used in larger quantities and large dosages are prone to cause stomach pains.

Company HEDERA had succeeded in producing native propolis in its original form without the use of chemical solvents, using its innovative methods. It has been collected in ecologically clean parts of Croatia.

This is a dietetic product of the highest purity, containing all biologically active substances. It can be used in larger dosages without harmful side effects because it does not contain any solvents.

There is no similar product on the market.




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The influence of propolis on human body



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