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Iron deficiency (iron-deficiency anemia)

N.B. Zagreb, 28 years, female

I had a lack of iron in the blood and the constant lack of energy. Since I use capsules Ferroceta, I feel that I have more energy, I'm always tired and do not fall asleep as soon as I sit down in front of TV, and a way of life and the obligations we are all the same. I have improved my blood work in general, and the iron came to normal.

Chronic anemia (low hemoglobin and iron)

A.S. 37 year, Zagreb, female

Always suffer from anemia, but got very ill 14 years ago and now before 3 months I have a very low hemoglobin and iron. My symptoms are palpitations, shortness of breath, weakness, dizziness, problems before menstruation, morning sickness ... From ferroceta no more uspušem when I climb the stairs, I was no longer tired as before, palpitation are rare, disappeared weakness.

Heartburn (GERD, gastroesophageal reflux disease)

G.M., Konjščina, 45 year, female

Heartburn that I have become a one time everyday and disrupted normal life in me, now I just sometimes occur, and then the short-term. I am happy that I am on your facebook page, read about the products that I can only recommend (especially Gastrocet).


B.G. Pirovac 35 years, male

I have gastritis, increased acid in the stomach and heartburn. Since drinking Gastrocet reduced acid in the stomach by 90%, I feel better, and medicines for stomach did not drink for 2 weeks.

Influenza and Immunity

S.J. 40 year, Sesvetski kraljevac, female

Koristmo Native Propolis Junior for enhancing the immunity of my children. I think Junior is a great protection from common colds in children, because they are more resistant immunity is now cool and not likely to suffer often. All praise!


T.O. 35 years, Zagreb, female

There are many reasons why kids give Junior. They have a better appetite, less airway problems.

I personally take Bronhocet natively and therefore easier to endure mental and physical effort and feel less tired.

Frequent colds

T.T. 42 year, Osijek female

There are many reasons why kids give Junior. They have a better appetite, less airway problems.

I personally take Bronhocet natively and therefore easier to endure mental and physical effort and feel less tired.

Fumade (hot flushes)

K.M., 48 year Ludbreg. female

For a year I feel a change in the organism. I have bouts of redness, heat and lack of air, it goes through the menopause.

As far Melbrovit 2 times a day, all the symptoms are much smaller and quieter feel. I am sure that I will be a transition period much easier with him.

Tiredness, lack of sleep

Š.D., 43 year, Sarajevo, female

I feel more energetic and healthier, have more energy and do not trouble no allergies to dust.


M.J. 32, Zagreb, female

Since I Melbrovit jelly, easily perform everyday tasks at work and at home, because my body better immunity, and significantly less stress we feel is really very important, because I need to function well at work, but as a mother and her girls.

Lack of energy, stress

M.B. Pakalenica 48 year, female

For a long time I suffer from fatigue and lack of energy. Since I Melbrovit I have more energy, less anxiety and I feel good.

Allergic rhinitis (pollen allergies)

Man, G. M. 56 year from Zagreb

For several years, beginning in March of problems with pollen allergies that I manifested symptoms of runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, itchy nose, eyes and throat and red eyes that lasts several months. I was resolved problems usually nasal spray that prevents the release of histamine and taking antihistamines.

Last year I started taking therapy 2x2 capsules Heproceta two weeks before the pollination of plants and I noticed that I did not need a nasal spray or antihistamines. Symptoms do not appear, and this is the first year that I have no problems with allergies in the spring.


D.M., Orašje 40 years, male

At 8 and 9 months during ambrosia, especially releasing pollen had expressed difficulty with burning eyes, dry, itchy nose, burning throat and palate, sinuses were clogged and I lost the sense of smell and taste by 15 dana.Uz all had I have low immunity, he felt tired and fatigued, coughing, wheezing, waking up at night with symptoms of suffocation itd.Čak two times I ended up on the infusion of exhaustion, and mentally I was distracted and nervous about the problems that have lasted longer than a month.

By using Heproceta in the 20 years I've changed all the antihistamine that are on the market. Not that I have a subjective improvement, but it is no longer očito.Sluznica nose dry, burning eyes and throat more nema.Kihanje is minimal and only coating gales feel lighter simptome.Nemam congested sinuses and endlessly unpleasant discharge from the vibrant nosa.Osjećam , enthusiastically, regularly sleeping, I was reborn and quite by accident I found out through the internet for you and I can not be načudim Heproceta such action. Already I know the healing properties of bee products, but like I've forgotten it.

COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

LJ. Mr. 47year. female

Because diagnosis bothering me dyspnea, shortness of breath, coughing, and sneezing. In addition to taking their medication Bronhocet. I feel improvement since taking it up, because I have a reduction in symptoms and breathe easier

Smoking, lack of air

M.E. 45 years Female

For some time I have a problem with fitness, lung (nervous about cigarettes) I take 4 capsules a day and now I can say that breathing is much better, nervousness in dependence on al lot less, do more.

Strength, concentration, endurance

I.F. Zagreb, 33 years, male

Since taking pollen and propolis feel significantly less daytime fatigue, increased my concentration at work, generate greater demand during the holidays, increased durability on the job.

General health

I.M. Sv. Ivan Zelina, 26 years, female

Otherwise I'm sensitive health-frequent sore throat, dry cough, sinus problems and vision. better and easier to feel after taking it. Changes are felt.

Vitamins and Minerals

E.P., Ogulin, 37 years, female

Since I Polenvit - bee pollen with propolis I have generally improved, fewer infections, colds, better mood, more energy, and ability to work ... Hair and nails are my firmer, less friable, tan nicer, brighter.

Enlarged prostatic (benign prostatic hyperplasia)

B.R, Split, 73 years, male

The last 10-years I have problems with difficulty urinating, and regularly wake up at night at least once. After examination by a doctor I got the diagnosis of enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia). Last year Apiceta drink capsules and condition we significantly improved. We reduced the total number going to the bathroom, the less I wake at night, and often does not wake up, and I feel much better. I will certainly continue to drink Apicet continues!

Frequent urination and occasional tingling

V.M Split, 62 years, male

Occasionally I have a problem with bedwetting, and with a burning sensation while wet. Sometimes that does not last, and sometimes more often. When I go to the doctor often get antibiotics and sometimes says nothing. I noticed that since taking 4 capsules Apiceta, no more burning, and when I drink it with antibiotiocima seems to me that the problems go faster.

Chronic prostatitis

S.R., Trogir, 60 years, male

From youth I have prostate problems which lead me to a diagnosis of chronic prostatitis. He would frequent prostate inflammation ii urinary tract. Since I use Apicet (last two years) no subjective symptoms and have not had any infection which is a rarity.

Carcinoma of the thyroid

N.B., split 17 years, female

It all started with the symptoms: problems swallowing, sleeping, extended neck, fatigue, hair loss, insomnia, dropped brow, fainting, altered diopters, altered EEG ... I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and very soon after that my thyroid surgically removed. Ever since I found out I began to regularly use Nativni propolis. The first half of the year I saw 3x3 capsules, now currently drink 2x3 - plans to increase the dose, since I'm going back to radiation. After taking much I have improved health. I feel calmer, more concentrated, without the headaches and disturbed menstrual cycle, and accomplish a very nice success in school.

Nativni propolis godsend

Huntington's disease

Already more than a year ago ordering Nativni propolis for son 13 years who suffers from Huntington's disease. His condition began to deteriorate so it could be seen especially in weight loss, loss of appetite and zest for life. Physical changes were such that it could not recognize nor his closest. All that was left to him were skin and bones. Panic and fear of his death had been thrown into despair. I prayed to God to direct me to something that my 35 years old son prolong life. The same day I found everything about Nativni propolis and immediately ordered the first three vials. Even after the use of native propolis than a month there have been major changes for the better. His appetite improved, physically stronger, one word transformed physically and mentally better. I have to mention that the disease is progressive and there is no cure for it, but Nativni propolis did a miracle on the day when it was my son started taking his condition has not worsened, but he has improved in every way. Disappeared into his mouth inflammation, colds and flu no longer had strengthened the physical and became brighter than it has ever been over the years of his illness. My son still uses Nativni propolis, which I consider a gift of God and I thank you all in the Header on regular shipments of this miraculous cure.

The miracle of medicine

I.Š. River, 57 years, female

Crude propolis is a "miracle drug". Ga can feel free to call the drug. I had frequent sore throat after taking cold drinks, ice cream and sudden changes of weather. Since 2x2 capsules a day, I had a sore throat, and winter colds or flu I have. With the same dose of my mother after a short time, significantly improved blood. Long suffered from anemia. Now the value of iron reached almost the cap.
I'm grateful for such products. BIG THANK YOU!

Abundant menstruation

V.K. New Marof, 41 year, female

Taking native propolis only 1-2 capsules daily, general condition improved, I have more strength, I had iron deficiency despite severe menstrual period, and I caught a cold maybe once a year as opposed to before when I was often cold.

Thank you very much you have helped me so far it is not no cure

I.D. Zagreb, 55 year, male

Health problems: prostatitis with frequent urination and pain in the bladder area (enterococci in the prostate and bladder), gastritis with bloating and gas in the intestines. After two months of taking only 2 capsules daily medical condition has improved very much. They stopped the problems with frequent urination and pain in the bladder area, no more bloating and heaviness in the stomach. I do not take more medication, only Native propolis.


B.F. Sisak, 61 g, male

Because I had asthma 2005th year taken antiastmatike because the attacks were frequent and could not walk for a long time. Ever since I started taking 3 capsules daily preparations BRONHOCET situation is markedly improved. Dyspnea disappeared and can smoothly walk 5.5 km to 53 minutes.

Constipation (obstipation)

Z.B. Vis, 83 year, female

Taking native propolis 2x2 capsules daily from preventive reasons, I promjetila after 10-15 days of constipation is gone I had a long, and digestion is fully normalized.

Irritable bowel syndrome

D.B. Split, 51 year, male

Health symptoms: abdominal pain, bloating, weight after eating, pain under both rib arch and sigmoid bowel, alternating periods of diarrhea with the period of imprisonment. After 7 days of 3x3 capsules daily native propolis stopped abdominal pain and a bloated feeling. Pain in sigmoid intestine were lowered, and Ankon 10-15 days and stopped. The chair is normalized. I continued to take 2x2 capsules of the next three months to make a gradual and interrupted therapy. I do not have any more problems. Thank you!

Allergic rhinitis

I.B. Split, 15 year, male

Health problems: runny nose, sneezing (seizures), nasal congestion, itchy nose and eyes, tearing, and redness of the eyes. After 10 days of taking the capsules 2x2 Denvni Heprocet preparations, I had no problems with allergies next three months. During this period two times after a long stay in the countryside, I had very mild symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

Cancer bronchus

Man, Š.I. 60 years from Split

In May 2005. diagnosed with bronchus cancer. Plus chemotherapy in July 2005. I started taking a total of seven native propolis capsules per day in two divided doses. Tumor size was not increased, and after irradiation with regular intake of propolis, tumor size was reduced by 1/3. Almost there were no side effects during chemotherapy and radiation.

Stomach ulcer

Man, Z. M. 48 year of Zadar

In 1986. I got a stomach ulcer that manifests pains and acid in the stomach and digestive difficulties. Of the drugs I take controloc. In February 2006. I started taking two capsules of native propolis. After 40 days I felt the weight of any acid in the stomach, the chair is normalized, and the general condition is much better. I can eat and drink what I want.

Pollen allergies

Man, K.T. 45 year of Split

Every year in the spring when it starts flowering plants have a more intensive problems pleudnom allergies. This year, the symptoms were so pronounced that we prevented normal daily life. In this state, I started taking 3x3 native propolis capsules and two days after all symptoms have disappeared. I continued to take 2x2 capsules a day and now I can normally carry out their daily duties without any difficulties with allergies.

Pollen allergies

Man, Mr. G. M. 56 year from Zagreb

For several years, beginning in March of problems with pollen allergies that I manifested symptoms of runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, itching of the nose, eyes, throat, and eye redness that lasts several months. I was resolved problems usually nasal spray that prevents the release of histamine and taking antihistamines.

Last year I started taking therapy 2x2 native propolis capsules two weeks before the pollination of plants and I noticed that I did not need a nasal spray or antihistamines. Symptoms do not appear, and this is the first year that I have no problems with allergies in the spring.

Non-Hodgkin’s Disease

Man, M. D. 37 year of Split

I became ill with non-Hodgkin's disease, which manifested a growth on the bottom of the right lung of 10 cm. Taken off by the surgery I was only 2 cm growths. Already during the third courses of chemotherapy physically I felt very bad. I was constantly tired, sluggish and no power. Even the slightest physical effort to me quickly exhausted, and walking up the stairs was a task for the Nobel Prize. The level of blood cells was at a very low level, so that was the end of the third questionable treatments.

I started taking 6 capsules a day of native propolis, and after several days of my psycho-physical condition began to improve visibly. Control of blood after twenty days of propolis has shown considerable recovery count. My doctor is amazed by the fast reconstruction of blood tests and has started sumanjati taking an unauthorized-doping agents. I did not want to have to figure out what I'm taking. I continued with the native propolis with three courses of chemotherapy without any difficulty. Medical examination showed an X-ray examination revealed no more growths, and blood work was almost normal as in healthy people. It was no longer tired and now I can walk all day, and the stairs are no longer a problem.

The doctor is amazed such a finding and showed ga colleagues as an example of successful treatment of this disease. I discovered her I was taking only native propolis with chemo she would not comment. I do not care, but I do well in the state I was able to before I started using native propolis. Now I feel completely healthy with no signs of disease. Of course, continue to drink "miracle" capsules.

Cysts in her breasts and ovaries and uterine fibroids

Female P. M., 53 year of Split

Five years ago I found the uterus myoma diameter of 2.4 cm, and a cyst on the left ovary with a diameter of 2.5 cm, which was until 2005. year were up to 4 cm. I also found two cysts on my chest that are in the same period grew to 1 cm in diameter.

I started taking 3 capsules daily native propolis, and after a year on the back of the control for the surgery for a cyst on the ovary was reduced to 3.7 cm fibroid in the uterus determined the signs of his disappearance (calcifications), and cysts in the breasts have decreased from 0.4 to 0.5 cm to 1 cm. For now, do not need surgery.

Flu and Immunity

Man K. B. 70 year of Zagreb.

Almost a year my wife (64 years) and I drink 2x2 native propolis capsules a day to strengthen immunity. Already after 3-4 days we felt better with more strength and speed. It seems to us that we can endure much more effort and courage to face life's daily difficulties.

For all this time we did not get the common cold. Our experience has convinced us to strengthen the structure of the native propolis excellent prevention in health care and continue to take it daily.


Girl P. K. 25 year of Trogir.

From an early age I was suffering from anemia and struggled with frequent colds and sore throat. Works anemia I had to take iron and vitamin C, and even injections of iron. Situation would be improved for a time, but with horrible indigestion.

I tried every day with fresh natural juice of beetroot, lemon and carrot maintain the level of iron in the blood, but after a while I could not even more ga smell.

It is two years since I started taking a dose of 2x2 native propolis capsules per day, the state of anemia is significantly improved. Recent analysis has shown that the blood iron levels even reached the upper limit. I no longer suffer from colds and sore throats.

Chronic inflammation of the colon (colitis)

Man R. L. 54 year of Split.

20 years suffer from colitis, which is why I was forced to fundamentally change the way of life and diet. At one point, I had 48 pounds, because I could not eat anything. The only food we had was rice served with some teas.

When the diarrhea stopped, I started very carefully chosen to introduce a very light and easily digestible foods, mostly well-boiled without seasoning. One time with strict dietary food, I would be fine, but the disease could re-occurring.

For the third year since taking native propolis capsules with a disease condition has improved considerably. I no longer have diarrhea and I feel good, but the disease until it is no longer activated in such a drastic form.

Inflammation of the throat and ear

Male child R. I. 10 years of Split.

Several times throughout the year, especially during the colder part of the year, the child ill with a sore throat and ear that leaked. Antibiotics to calm inflammation.

He began to receive 1 capsule native propolis in the winter and spring time every day, and in the warmer part of the year, every second or third day. For the third year, the inflammation is no longer appeared, and the child is growing and developing normally. Now in winter without any health problems go to soccer practice and play games.

Colds and Flu

Male D. M. 50 years of Split.

Almost every year in the winter and spring catch me colds and flu, and at least a week I have aged in bed. Colds me coming back very often.

For prevention, I started taking daily capsules 2x2 native propolis and state of health has drastically changed. Since then, for the fourth year I'm no longer the flu, even in conditions when one of my housemates had a flu or severe cold. Colds almost gone, and if we "leaked" nose with a booster dose of 3x3 capsules propolis that only lasted two days.

Now you can safely devote favorite hobby - fishing where I very often at sea in the cool morning and evening hours when the hunt squid as bait for the big fish during the day.

Inflammation of the throat and colon polyps

Man K. R. 36 y of Split.

During the two months I've taken three classes of antibiotics for sore throats that would briefly subsided so again occurred. Once I started taking antibiotics 3x3 native propolis capsules sore throat disappeared after 10 days. I continued to use native propolis another 3 months.

Already 2 years I have no problems with the neck, and when I feel that he might have trouble taking capsules throat preventive four days. I feel great and I seem to have more power and increased my physical endurance. Before I started taking propolis I was diagnosed with a polyp length of 3mm on the part of the large intestine that joins the small intestine.

I did control after 4 months of diagnosis of polyps and no more. As the period of diagnosis of polyps to control coincides with taking propolis, I suppose it is the main cause of the disappearance of polyps.


Man Mr. DK 67 from Split, Hodgkin's disease.

Buy during other treatments of chemotherapy treatments for Hodgkin's disease, my hair is starting to decline. In the next three courses I felt more tired and weak and without power. I could no longer climb stairs without stopping and resting. I am no longer out of the apartment, except when I had chemotherapy. Levels of blood cells is significantly decreased.

During the five courses of chemotherapy began to take 2x3 capsules daily native propolis company from Hedera Stobreč and after a few days I felt better. I have not been so weak and tired. I began to venture outside the house, and others have noticed that I look a lot better.

Blood analysis showed that the level of blood cells significantly increased. After 1,5 months of taking propolis started to grow my hair, even though I was still undergoing chemotherapy. Now no trouble climbing the stairs several times a day. Such improvement depends only native propolis, because it was made only after I started taking it, and everything else in the diet and treatment remained the same.

Other courses of chemotherapy with native propolis capsules now stand very well. Number of white and red blood cells is significantly improved and is only slightly reduced normal values.




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