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D.M., Orašje 40 years, male

At 8 and 9 months during ambrosia, especially releasing pollen had expressed difficulty with burning eyes, dry, itchy nose, burning throat and palate, sinuses were clogged and I lost the sense of smell and taste by 15 dana.Uz all had I have low immunity, he felt tired and fatigued, coughing, wheezing, waking up at night with symptoms of suffocation itd.Čak two times I ended up on the infusion of exhaustion, and mentally I was distracted and nervous about the problems that have lasted longer than a month.

By using Heproceta in the 20 years I've changed all the antihistamine that are on the market. Not that I have a subjective improvement, but it is no longer očito.Sluznica nose dry, burning eyes and throat more nema.Kihanje is minimal and only coating gales feel lighter simptome.Nemam congested sinuses and endlessly unpleasant discharge from the vibrant nosa.Osjećam , enthusiastically, regularly sleeping, I was reborn and quite by accident I found out through the internet for you and I can not be načudim Heproceta such action. Already I know the healing properties of bee products, but like I've forgotten it.





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The influence of propolis on human body



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