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Man Mr. DK 67 from Split, Hodgkin's disease.

Buy during other treatments of chemotherapy treatments for Hodgkin's disease, my hair is starting to decline. In the next three courses I felt more tired and weak and without power. I could no longer climb stairs without stopping and resting. I am no longer out of the apartment, except when I had chemotherapy. Levels of blood cells is significantly decreased.

During the five courses of chemotherapy began to take 2x3 capsules daily native propolis company from Hedera Stobreč and after a few days I felt better. I have not been so weak and tired. I began to venture outside the house, and others have noticed that I look a lot better.

Blood analysis showed that the level of blood cells significantly increased. After 1,5 months of taking propolis started to grow my hair, even though I was still undergoing chemotherapy. Now no trouble climbing the stairs several times a day. Such improvement depends only native propolis, because it was made only after I started taking it, and everything else in the diet and treatment remained the same.

Other courses of chemotherapy with native propolis capsules now stand very well. Number of white and red blood cells is significantly improved and is only slightly reduced normal values.





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