Colds and Flu

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Male D. M. 50 years of Split.

Almost every year in the winter and spring catch me colds and flu, and at least a week I have aged in bed. Colds me coming back very often.

For prevention, I started taking daily capsules 2x2 native propolis and state of health has drastically changed. Since then, for the fourth year I'm no longer the flu, even in conditions when one of my housemates had a flu or severe cold. Colds almost gone, and if we "leaked" nose with a booster dose of 3x3 capsules propolis that only lasted two days.

Now you can safely devote favorite hobby - fishing where I very often at sea in the cool morning and evening hours when the hunt squid as bait for the big fish during the day.





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The influence of propolis on human body



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