Non-Hodgkin’s Disease

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Man, M. D. 37 year of Split

I became ill with non-Hodgkin's disease, which manifested a growth on the bottom of the right lung of 10 cm. Taken off by the surgery I was only 2 cm growths. Already during the third courses of chemotherapy physically I felt very bad. I was constantly tired, sluggish and no power. Even the slightest physical effort to me quickly exhausted, and walking up the stairs was a task for the Nobel Prize. The level of blood cells was at a very low level, so that was the end of the third questionable treatments.

I started taking 6 capsules a day of native propolis, and after several days of my psycho-physical condition began to improve visibly. Control of blood after twenty days of propolis has shown considerable recovery count. My doctor is amazed by the fast reconstruction of blood tests and has started sumanjati taking an unauthorized-doping agents. I did not want to have to figure out what I'm taking. I continued with the native propolis with three courses of chemotherapy without any difficulty. Medical examination showed an X-ray examination revealed no more growths, and blood work was almost normal as in healthy people. It was no longer tired and now I can walk all day, and the stairs are no longer a problem.

The doctor is amazed such a finding and showed ga colleagues as an example of successful treatment of this disease. I discovered her I was taking only native propolis with chemo she would not comment. I do not care, but I do well in the state I was able to before I started using native propolis. Now I feel completely healthy with no signs of disease. Of course, continue to drink "miracle" capsules.





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