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New generation Hederinih natural products under the name Apiceutici, based on research of medicinal properties Croatian propolis and pollen BUŠINCI conducted at the Institute 'Ruder Boskovic.

Hederin Native Propolis contains pure Croatian propolis and bee pollen Dalmatian plants bušinac. Manufactured, and all preparations Heder, innovative technology without chemical treatment, as opposed to propolis in aqueous or alcoholic solution containing only part of medicinal products. Thus preserved in the best way all the healing properties of propolis. Propolis is, in fact, extremely valuable for health resin that occurs in nature in solid form. It contains more than 300 different compounds of plant origin, and bees use it mainly for health bee hives.

Imagine winter without viruses (




Learn more about the workings of propolis on the organ. Click on the image for visual display.

The influence of propolis on human body



By filling out this survey will contribute to a better understanding of the healing properties of our products. These data will greatly assist us in further training preparations. Please be as specific as possible when entering data.


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