Bee “milk” relieves neurosis (Nacional)

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Melbrovit is a new natural biostimulant Hedera Split company whose main ingredient of royal jelly. Each tablet contains 100mg lyophilized royal jelly with the addition of 2 mg of menthol, so distinguished and outstanding, refreshing taste. Royal jelly, pharynx gland secretions of worker bees, which serves as a bee "milk" for the bee larvae and food for the queen during intense laying eggs, perfectly balanced dietary supplement for men and women who want to keep up your strength and endurance in each period of life, especially in middle and old age. Jelly stimulates the nervous and hormonal systems, and clinical experience indicate that helps children who are lagging behind in the psychomotor and mental development and reduces symptoms in old age-related diseases of the nervous system such as diffuse atherosclerosis in the brain, astenička neurosis, neurosis with increased emotionality and Kronick geriatric syndrome and Parkinson's disease.

"Royal Jelly is the perfect supplement for all the people who are under daily stress," says Dr. Saša Radić, a business owner and creator of Hedera Melbrovita. Saša Radić is the author of numerous scientific papers, and he was leading laboratory for gas analysis Naval Medical Institute in Split. He has published several papers on the bioactive properties of plant and bee product of the book "Spices and health", "Propolis - 21st Century Cure" and "Royal jelly - a natural stimulant."

Healing properties of royal jelly

"Jelly immunomodulatory effect on the immune system of the body, which means that on the one hand stimulates the immune system and, on the other hand, suppresses its activity in allergic phenomena. This is of great benefit for people who are sensitive to bee products and suffer from allergic diseases, especially asthma. addition, royal jelly lowers serum cholesterol by 13 percent and total lipids by 10 percent, facilitating psycho neurosis of premenstrual women, increases physical endurance, reduces fatigue, and prevents the formation of blood clots, promotes faster healing of bone and wound healing, and regenerates liver. however, royal jelly is not a cure for all ills, as some suggest, because you still have not fully scientifically tested, and there are diseases which are not at all recommended. Though jelly is not toxic or mutagenic, and would not it not take people with thyroid doing more work because it further stimulates these glands. Besides, I would not recommend pregnant or postpartum women, small children, or people who suffer from a hormonal disorder. According to my knowledge, some time being insufficiently researched ingredients stem jelly induce labor pituitary gland, which regulates the operation of all the other endocrine glands. however, I am convinced that royal jelly is very good for children who are lagging behind in physical development or for nursing mothers who do not have enough milk as a result of the loss of large amounts of blood during childbirth. Optimal daily dose of royal jelly is 100 to a maximum of 200 mg, while some parking available on the market containing up to 6g jelly, which is too much. Specifically, as large doses of royal jelly has a stimulating effect initially, but after a while begins to have an inhibiting effect.

Relieves insomnia and anxiety

Each new kloličinu jelly lyophilized to give a detailed check in Split PHI because some Chinese beekeepers tend to give antibiotics to their bees, and I want my products are completely safe and clean. Royal jelly is me, as a researcher of bee products, fascinates because it complements the well-known effect of propolis. Royal jelly over the hormonal and nervous system by acting on the mechanisms of regeneration, while propolis boosts immunity and together represent an excellent way to prevent a range of diseases. The effect of each company's product Hedera first well to examine ourselves, and then the other, and when studies confirming its effectiveness, putting it on the market, "said Dr. Saša Radić, whose first and best-known native propolis preparation, after which the followed Bronhocet of Respiratory, Heprocet to prevent allergies, bee pollen, propolis, which contains an abundance of natural vitamins and minerals, Ferrocet against anemia and Apicet for a healthy prostate.

Biological effects of jelly in facilitating health problems people are known for thousands of years in traditional medicine of Eastern cultures to preserve their youth and energy, relieve anxiety and insomnia, mood lifting, endurance and memory, to boost sexual power, against sterility, impotence and frigidity, while in the West began to use only 50-'s 20th century. From famous people use it to Prince Charles for the prevention of arthritis, Princess Diana took her for revitalizing action, and President Tito had a special beekeeper who has worked on Vis Jelly for him.

Antibiotiska activity of royal jelly

Royal jelly is a homogeneous, dense, opaque and creamy white substance to blijedožućkaste color, very complex kemojskog composition. The basic ingredients are water (57-70 percent), protein (10-18 percent), sugar (9-15 percent), fat (1.5 to 7 percent), vitamins (B-complex) and minerals (0.7 - 1.5 percent), and about three percent of its composition has not yet been identified. In nature there is no other source of these substances. "Biological studies indicate that royal jelly has varied bioliška and even microbicidal properties. Microbiological tests show antibiotic properties which are attributed to the IO and rojalizinu hidroksidekanoičnoj acid, which act against gram-pozirivnih bacteria: Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Proteus, Bacillus subtilis and Staphylococcus aureus. I have done research in 15 years of bee products because no other natural product that I researched did not show such a good biological effect on human health.'m fascinated with five bee products: honey as an energy substrate, which is the drug of propolis bee colonies, parent jelly which is used for the development of the larvae and queen as food, bee venom, which represents protection bee colonies and bee wax from which build your home and continue with further research, "he said at the end of Dr. Saša Radić.

Bee “milk” relieves neurosis (Nacional)

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