Most precious of bee hive for stronger immunity and health of the whole family (

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Hedera company in its preparations incorporated the most important thing out of bee hives. We talked with the doctor of medicine Bozo Radic, who presented us with these natural products. Creating a new generation of natural products, Hedera is oriented exclusively to the sources of plant and bee origin without chemical processing of basic raw materials. In other words, it is a product for boosting immunity and general health that are completely natural, without additives, colorings and sweeteners, and thus are ideal for children.

What are Apiceutici and how they differ from other bee products?

Apiceutici the preparations of plant and bee origin, and what is special is that they are produced without chemical processing of basic raw materials. Propolis, for example, health extremely valuable resin containing more than 300 compounds in the nature of the solid state. However, the chemical process of dissolving in alcohol, he loses 30 percent of its properties. Thanks to our innovation processes, propolis retains all its medicinal properties that have bee plant and incorporate into it, and our products in their natural, solid form. Besides propolis which is embedded in almost all of our products, we have recognized and jelly as extremely important to health. She is considered the pinnacle of natural biosynthesis due to the unique combination of ingredients, called the food of the gods. Her worker bees feed the young bees and queen. We embed it in Melbrovit, natural energy stimulant to maintain strength and endurance.

What would, in your offer, recommend to our kids and their parents?

For parents there is certainly native propolis, our longest-running product, and for pregnant women Gastrocet with ginger against nausea. For the children's native propolis Junior. All of these products contain pure propolis and bee pollen from medicinal plants Dalmatian bušinac; Native and Gastrocet in capsules and powder Junior.
Crude propolis is recommended for strengthening the immune system. Propolis is used to prevent the negative effects of stress, major psychophysical effort, radiation, pollution and aging. As a substance that effectively enhances immunity, propolis helps protect the body against colds, flu and other illnesses. Such a unique product can be used in higher doses without any adverse effects, but there is no similar product on the market.

In what is a special Native propolis Junior?

Junior is largely founded on the initiative of our adult customers, who are after excellent experiences with native propolis, wanted his children also strengthen the immune system in this way. However, the capsules have made it difficult for most children thing, so we started working on a product that was completely tailored to juniors. Thus was created the Native propolis Junior, totally natural powder product. Except that is not chemically treated with solvents, no additives, colorings or sweeteners, and to point out is that it can be used both children are allergic to gluten. Constantly we are the parents, enthusiastic performance, and convenience products. Specifically, Junior simply intervene in your child's favorite mushy food (since it is not soluble propolis) and greatly facilitates the application. Does not change the taste of food, and the kids can take it from the age of one year.

How did Hedera?

20 years ago my father became interested in plant and bee products, simply watching the events in nature. Then he started researching and from which they were born products that we offer today.
The basis of the strategic development of the company's project Apiceutici. In the framework of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports for knowledge-based enterprise, the company in collaboration with the Institute Ruder Boskovic Institute in Zagreb and Split from the Naval Medical Research began Croatian propolis and bee pollen with Dalmatian plants bušinac in its original form.

Where to Find Heder products?

Is produced because of the uniqueness and innovative methods of production can be found in pharmacies, herbal drugstores, and can be ordered through our web store or phone orders on the phone number 021325-410. Also, experts from the Header will be happy to answer any question, email or phone call. Currently we have nine products, all of which are registered as food supplements.

GAME BESTOWAL - Native Propolis Junior wins for a stronger immune system and good health of youngsters!

Is coming flu season and the flu, so it takes a little help to strengthen your body resistance to various viruses and germs. Strengthening the immune system is especially important process for children throughout the year, especially in winter.

It is therefore decided to donate Hedera 3x1 box native propolis Junior. This natural product with no additives, colorings and sweeteners, it brings the most valuable of bee hives and is ideal for children.

Most precious of bee hive for stronger immunity and health of the whole family (

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