Nine Hederinih apiceutika health of the whole family (

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For seven years the company Hedera in their preparations incorporates the most important thing out of bee hives. Creating a new generation of natural products under the name Apiceutici, focused exclusively on the natural resources of plant and bee origin without chemical processing of basic raw materials.

Uniqueness Hederinih products in the production process which does not use any chemicals. Bee products (propolis, royal jelly, bee pollen) have been prepared in its natural form. Propolis is, say, health is extremely valuable resin that occurs in nature in solid form, and contains over 300 compounds. Dissolving propolis, especially in alcohol, losing a substantial portion of its medicinal properties. Up to 30 percent of the substances may remain undissolved and is irretrievably lost.

That's why experts from Hedera decided innovative procedures to make products that will contain all the healing properties of bee products, so that each end product contains all natural ingredients. Nature is all substance created for a reason and all are essential to maintain the biological function of the whole. Header believes nature, because their health is in nature.

Crude propolis is recommended for weakened condition, but also during recovery from illness. Healthy people use propolis to prevent negative effects of stress, major psychophysical effort, radiation, pollution and aging. As a substance that effectively enhances immunity, propolis helps protect the body against colds, flu and other illnesses.

undefinedNativni propolis Junior is ideal for combating frequent colds and flu in children and only naturally. It is a powder for a strong immune enhancement. Such a unique product could be used in higher doses without any adverse effects, but there is no similar product on the market. Children can be taken from the age of one year, and that does not dissolve in water, the most practical is a powder mixed into a thick and mushy foods such as honey or oatmeal.

Propolis, with bee pollen, ginger, embedded in Gastrocet, one of the newer Hederinih products. Gastrocet has a salutary effect on the digestive system. Encourages the proper functioning and protects the lining from damage, and can be effective in regulating digestion, especially in preventing constipation. Has a positive effect on people who suffer from gastric neurosis, strain, cramps, and lack of appetite, and helps with the stimulus to vomiting, motion sickness, sea sickness, dizziness and morning sickness.

So far the only product designed from the Header of Royal Jelly is a natural energy stimulant Melbrovit. Royal jelly, known in history as the food of the gods, is perfectly balanced dietary supplement for men and women who want to keep up your strength and endurance. This harmless stimulant effect on regeneration mechanisms in the body to maintain health balance.

In addition to these products, there are also Bronohocet the airways Heprocet for allergies, Ferocet for anemia, bee pollen, propolis as a source of vitamins and minerals and Apicet in urinary tract.

Nine Hederinih apiceutika health of the whole family (

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