Native propolis and tumor

Numerous research data is indicating that propolis has the anticancer potential in preventing and therapy of tumor diseases.

Chemopreventive antioxidant
Native propolis has strong antioxidant effect. The genetic method of DNA chips at the “Ruder Boskovic” Institute in Zagreb showed that it explicitly amplifies the gene whose lack leads to appearance of reproductive organs cancer, lungs cancer and lymphatic system cancer. Propolis also protects from the occurrence of stomach cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, kidney cancer and skin cancer. During chemotherapies it protects kidneys and heart from acute damage with cytostatics.

Anticancer potential
Method of DNA chips shows that the native propolis stops cancer and metastasis progression and also kills tumor and abnormal cells, but not healthy cells. In brain tumor (gliom) it stimulates the organism to produce the medicine on its own (the immunosuppression therapy). Radiation and cytostatics in the combination with propolis more efficiently prevent cancer progress and metastasizing, and side effects are considerably milder.

Preliminary tests
Influence of native propolis on tumor of milk gland has been tested on mouses at the “Ruder Boskovic” Institute in Zagreb. Results show that the native propolis slows down the progress of tumor and in combination with the cytostatic, anticancer effect is much more expressed. Best antitumor effect is achieved when native propolis is taken two weeks before the appearance of tumor, and then continued together with the cytostatic, on which also indicates the genetic method of DNA chips.
Research of influence of native propolis on blood and appearance of metastases is continuing.

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