Propolis and immunological system

For centuries propolis is being Mentioned as strengthener of the immunological system. Newer researches are undoubtedly Confirming Such traditional experiences (1). Results are Indicating that propolis amplifies immunological mechanisms for the production of specific and nonspecific defensive matters with Which it is Confronting illness and interrupts its progress, independently of native and acquired immunological Capacities. Professionally, Such effect is defined as immunomodulational immunoregulational or activity, and popularly like the strengthening of immunological system.

It has been the implementation of that propolis in vitro prevents the growth of bacterium by not allowing dividing of bacterial Stations (2). But propolis in vivo (in the organism), stimulates the immunological system for the production of specific and nonspecific matters from the macrophage Which stops the illness, even in cases when in vitro propolis does not function on some bacterias (3.4). Which is why bacterial inflammations in the activity of the antibiotics in combination with propolis is more efficient than antibiotic alone (5.6).

In viral illnesses propolis is functioning directly on viruses by not allowing their multiplication and at the same time it encourages the immunological system on the accelerated production of antibodies (7,8,9,10,11).

In tumor illnesses it encourages immunological system strengthened on the activity of killer-cells and other specific and nonspecific defensive matters and at the same time moves the death mechanism of tumor cells (1.12). Its characteristics are also antimetastasis binded to the immunological activity (13).

Protective activity of propolis in radioactive radiations is Manifested by stimulation of macrophage to produce interferons and cytokins Which specific points to the immunological reaction of organism (14).

Which in some parasites are causing inflammatory bowel disease, prevention with propolis significantly calms down the inflammatory process, Which happens because of Increased quantity of interferons in blood. That's why the combination of medicine (the antiprotosoics) and propolis is more efficient than the activity of the single therapeutic (15).

Research with genetic method of DNA chips at the "Ruder Boskovic" Institute in Zagreb implementation that native propolis eliminates all noxious substances (Carcinogenic, poisons, free radicals, pollutants) introduced or created in the organism, and repairs damage in cells. Excellent years-long experiences in health protection with native propolis are only Confirming the scientific facts.

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