Protecting of athletes

Active of athletes, particularly high-end, characterized by maximum body burden (large oxygen intake) and high mental effort (plus corticosteroids) that cause intense oxidative stress. Consequence of the increase in enormous amounts of free radicals that damage cell components (proteins, lipids, DNA) in the entire organism. So it is not sufficient merely reinforced "vitaminizacija" athletes, but also the protection of natural plant antioxidants that help the body to neutralize radical and severe oxidative stress in order to prevent health hazards. One of the strongest natural antioxidants is innocuous NATIVE propolis. Studies have shown that propolis: prevents oxidative stress that is inevitably present in of athletes neutralize free radicals, which accumulate in the body's increased efforts to repair damage to the present with the free radicals, boosts antioxidant defenses increases physical endurance and aerobic capacity works against fatigue and recovery time after exertion is less preventing illnesses among of athletes (colds, flu), because it raises the immune defense, which is reflected in the program of training and competition more quickly heal wounds and injuries that often accompany athletes improves the functioning of brain cells.

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