Why are our products different?

Hedera in the production process does not use any chemicals. Bee products (propolis, royal jelly, bee pollen) are prepared in its natural form.

Propolis for instance is extremely valuable resins for health and in the nature is present in solid form, and contains over 300 compounds. Dissolving propolis, especially in alcohol, it loses a substantial portion of its medicinal properties. Up to 30 percent of the substance can remain insoluble and irreversibly lost. The experts from Hedera found innovative procedure for preparation of final products in which all substances and medicinal properties of bee products are kept. Uniqueness of Hedera process is in a holistic approach - Hedera believes that biodiversity and the balance can be maintained only if the end product contains all natural ingredients. Nature has created all the ingredients for a reason. Hedera, just like nature, always takes a holistic approach.

Our team

The company management consists of highly experienced personnel (chemists, doctors, economists). Part of our team which is responsible for the production has a long experience in producing these unique products.

Hedera researches properties of bee products in cooperation with scientific institutions, the Institute Ruder Boskovic in Zagreb, the Institute of Marine Medicine in Split, Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries Split, Faculty of Veterinary Faculty in Zagreb..


In respect of specificity and uniqueness of products as well as innovative way of production, products can be found in pharmacies, herbal pharmacies and specialized food shops. Hedera is present in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Japan and France.


Hedera is a company founded in 1988 and is privately owned. Its core business is the production of products from natural sources of plant and bee origin without chemical processing of raw materials, resulting in the unique and quality products.

Under the program BICRO, under the auspices of the Croatian Ministry of Science and Eduation, Hedera in 2002. won the tender for the development of knowledge-based companies. The company began researching Croatian propolis and bee pollen from Dalmatian plant Cistus sp. in the original (native) form, in collaboration with the Institute Ruder Boskovic in Zagreb and the Institute of Marine Medicine in Split. Only the part of these results are incorporated into products that are registered as dietary supplements. Hedera products may be found in pharmacies, herbal pharmacies and specialized food shops across the Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Japan and France. The process of registration also started in several new countries.

Development strategy

The basis of the strategic development is the project APICEUTICS based on technological development and production of bee products with scientifically proven healing properties, without any chemical processing.

Project APICEUTICS has emerged as a product of the Ministry of Science and Education for knowledge-based companies. Relying primarily on the huge domestic potential, Hedera works with 300-plus Croatian beekeepers. The long term goal of our company is to make available our unique, natural products to users worldwide. Thanks to continuous research and development, the company now has a respectable scientific potential that guarantees success for the company, as well as the quality of the end user.