Hedera is a company founded in 1988 and is privately owned. Its core business is the production of products from natural sources of plant and bee origin without chemical processing of raw materials, resulting in the unique and quality products.

Under the program BICRO, under the auspices of the Croatian Ministry of Science and Eduation, Hedera in 2002. won the tender for the development of knowledge-based companies. The company began researching Croatian propolis and bee pollen from Dalmatian plant Cistus sp. in the original (native) form, in collaboration with the Institute Ruder Boskovic in Zagreb and the Institute of Marine Medicine in Split. Only the part of these results are incorporated into products that are registered as dietary supplements. Hedera products may be found in pharmacies, herbal pharmacies and specialized food shops across the Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Japan and France. The process of registration also started in several new countries.

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