Hedera in the production process does not use any chemicals. Bee products (propolis, royal jelly, bee pollen) are prepared in its natural form.

Propolis for instance is extremely valuable resins for health and in the nature is present in solid form, and contains over 300 compounds. Dissolving propolis, especially in alcohol, it loses a substantial portion of its medicinal properties. Up to 30 percent of the substance can remain insoluble and irreversibly lost. The experts from Hedera found innovative procedure for preparation of final products in which all substances and medicinal properties of bee products are kept. Uniqueness of Hedera process is in a holistic approach - Hedera believes that biodiversity and the balance can be maintained only if the end product contains all natural ingredients. Nature has created all the ingredients for a reason. Hedera, just like nature, always takes a holistic approach.

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