Already 7 years Hedera company incorporated in their preparations of precious bee hive. Creating a new generation of natural products, is oriented to the natural sources of plant and bee origin without chemical processing of basic raw materials. This procedure ensures exceptional quality products, with emphasis on the rich local resources. The basis of the company's strategic development project Apiceutici. As part of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports for knowledge-based companies, in collaboration with the Institute Ruđer Bošković Institute in Zagreb and Split from the Naval Medical Research began in Croatian propolis and bee pollen with Dalmatian plants bušinac in its original form. The result is products that are due to the uniqueness and innovative methods of production can be found in markets, pharmacies and herbal drugstores.

All are registered as food supplements and approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Header is taken from nature propolis in their original form as they have been ga created plants, and further refined the bees, and integrated it into their products. Propolis is extremely valuable to the health of resin. Proven antioxidant and is one of the most effective substances to strengthen the immune system, and is the main ingredient of native propolis. Leadership recognized the Header and jelly as very important for health. It is considered the pinnacle of natural biosynthesis due to the unique combination of ingredients, called the food of the gods. Her worker bees feed the young bees and queen. Royal jelly is the main ingredient Melbrovita, energy incentives for retaining strength and durability. It is now timely for heprocet allergy season, it's about bee pollen and propolis recipe Dalmatian plants bušinac with added calcium, which naturally protects and strengthens the body against allergies. In pharmacies trebutačno 7 hederinih products, and in a few weeks and coming Native propolis Junior, specifically tailored to children and Gastrocet to enhance the digestive system.

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