Header, the company for the products of bee and plant origin, in just a few years ago won the Croatian market, and now plans to launch its products and to Eastern Europe. In her five years turnover has increased nine times.

Header was established in 1988. as a craft for the production of cosmetics, which are subsequently specialized in herbal medicines and bee origin without chemical processing of raw materials, according to Business Journal.Saša Radić, the doctor of chemistry who until a few years ago worked at the Institute of Naval Medicine in Split and whole life dealing with science publishing technical papers related to maritime medicine. Today the director of Hedera, which employs seven people who packed products and accessories, and the raw materials are procured from the Croatian, notably by beekeeping cooperatives.

    A few years ago, to be precise 2,001th when he announced a competition for innovative technology projects financed by the Ministry of Science and Education through Business Innovation Center BICRO, Hedera applied and got a loan. In collaboration with the Institute Ruđer Bošković Institute in Zagreb made a scientific study on the basis of which was withdrawn 110,000 euro loan funds with which he bought some equipment and employed professionals.

Header pharmacists selling medicines to all pharmacies, their success was confirmed by the fact that in the last five years in manufacturing products rose 6.7 Header and traffic nine times. In the first year turnover of 400 thousand, and the 2008th The turnover amounted to 3.5 million.

Than 130 pharmacies in Zagreb, told the Business Daily Saša Radić, only one did not have one Heder product. They are interested primarily in the form as propolis what created it plants, and further refined the bees. Since there is no solvent that ga can completely dissolve, propolis solution does not contain all of the active substance, part of the substance remains unused and not achieved complete healing effect. Hedera company managed to produce innovative procedures preparation Crude propolis without chemical treatment taken from nature in its original form.

Studies have shown that propolis helps the body to maintain a health balance, and the common cold treated him just get over it, according to Heder, two and a half times faster without the use of other drugs.

Currently preparing to export to Serbia and Russia. Procedures for granting export lasted long because these products are under the Ministry of Agriculture for animal even though they have passed all the test of the Ministry of Health. In terms of production, Hedera had to work on it and to obtain HACCP certification.

Radic's Business Daily said that a few manufacturers can affect the final price of their products to pharmacies, and warns of the increasing competition of domestic producers.

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