Winter has arrived! With her uncomfortable and she sneezes, coughs and snuffles. Frequent colds and flu in children can anticipate, and only naturally. The bees are busy this year and rounded upgraded as propolis, which Hedera company uses in its products. For your little bee is now the Junior Nativni propolis in powder form, for a strong immune enhancement.
Propolis is a resin that occurs in nature in the hive in a solid form. Nativni propolis Junior is a combination of propolis and bee pollen Dalmatian plants bušinac. The medicinal properties of Croatian propolis and pollen were tested at the Institute "Ruđer Bošković" Zagreb gene using DNA chips and determination of antioxidant potential.

The word "native" in the name refers to its authenticity preserved, ie the production of innovative procedures without any chemical processing solvents. So has all the substance of a plant and bees implanted in him, unlike propolis in aqueous or alcoholic solution containing only part of the medicinal products. Such a unique product can be used in higher doses without any adverse effects, but there is no similar product on the market.

The product is recommended to give children older than one year. How does not dissolve in water, the most practical is a powder mixed into a thick and mushy foods such as honey, yogurt or oatmeal.

Header protects your whole family!

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