New generation Hederinih natural products under the name Apiceutici, based on research of medicinal properties Croatian propolis and pollen BUŠINCI conducted at the Institute 'Ruder Boskovic.

Hederin Native Propolis contains pure Croatian propolis and bee pollen Dalmatian plants bušinac. Manufactured, and all preparations Heder, innovative technology without chemical treatment, as opposed to propolis in aqueous or alcoholic solution containing only part of medicinal products. Thus preserved in the best way all the healing properties of propolis. Propolis is, in fact, extremely valuable for health resin that occurs in nature in solid form. It contains more than 300 different compounds of plant origin, and bees use it mainly for health bee hives.

Crude propolis is recommended for weakened condition, but also during recovery from illness. Healthy people use propolis to prevent negative effects of stress, major psychophysical effort, radiation, pollution and aging. As a substance that effectively enhances immunity, propolis helps protect the body against colds, flu and other illnesses.

Results obtained in surveys of people who regularly use the native confirm propolis strongly boosting immunity, which led to a decrease in the frequency of viral illnesses (colds, flu), and faster recovery of the body when used in early stages of illness. It is recommended to take preventive 2x2 kapslule two a day, especially in winter when most health problems.


Crude propolis Junior's parents toddler Heder most interesting product. Designed for children, and it was created at the instigation of adult users who are after excellent experiences with native propolis wanted their children to strengthen the immune system in a natural way. Crude propolis Junior is a completely natural product powder. Except that is not chemically treated with solvents, does not contain additives, dyes or sweeteners, and it can be used both children are allergic to gluten. Continually occur parents, enthusiastic performance, and convenience products. Specifically, Junior simply intervene in your child's favorite mushy foods like fruit and chocolate yogurt, porridge, honey, vegetables and fruits miksanog and greatly facilitates its use. Does not change the taste of food, and the kids can take it from the age of one year.

Ideal for combating viral diseases common in children because it strengthens the immune system strong. Such a unique product could be used without any long-term adverse effects, and there is no similar product on the market.

FORGET digestive difficulties

Digestive problems if you forget to reach out to health Heder treasure from nature. It, along with other natural products, there is a Gastrocet.

Gastrocet contains propolis, bee pollen bušinac Dalmatian plants and medicinal plants ginger, prepared in its original form, without any chemical processing solvents. The product contains precisely because all medicinal substances, just as in nature. This innovation in production patterns Gastrocet belongs to a new generation of natural products.

Gastrocet promotes proper functioning of the digestive system and protects the lining of the digestive organs from damage. Experience shows that it can be effective in regulating digestion, especially in preventing constipation. Complaints such as gastric neurosis, strain, spasms or lack of appetite and migraines can be reduced or completely avoided by taking preventive Gastroceta. Recommended and the stimulus to vomiting, nausea while driving, vertigo, seasickness and morning weakness.

Gastrocet can be used in the protection of gastritis, GERD, stomach and duodenum. Very favorable effect can be achieved in preventing colitis - chronic inflammation and damage to the colon. Studies have shown that propolis and ginger alone, especially in combination with antibiotics, antibacterial effect on Helicobacter pylori.

Hedera protects your whole family!

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