Propolis is a resin in which nature has implanted over 200 different compounds of natural recipe to achieve a specific biological effect. Since there is no solvent that can completely dissolve propolis, propolis solution for human consumption do not contain all of the active substance, natural recipe is disrupted and fails to complete a healing effect.
The company has managed to HEDERA innovative procedures produce propolis in the original forms, such as ga plants generate, and the bees to finish it and add it to the bee pollen Dalmatian plants bušinac and gave him the name NATIVE propolis. Such propolis showed new medicinal properties that have not yet been established as a very important feature that is completely innocuous. Investigations were carried out in the Institute "Ruder Boskovic" Zagreb showed that NATIVE PROPOLIS:
Strongly supports the immune system, because all the harmful substances incorporated or formed in the body (such as carcinogenic, free radicals, toxins, pollutants of water, air and food) is converted into less harmful or neutralizes it;
It has an outstanding antioxidant effect - it lowers the level of free radicals, boosts antioxidant defenses effective against oxidative stress and repair damage caused to DNA;
Increased activated gene whose deficiency is associated with cancer of reproductive organs, lungs and lymphatic system;
Activates a gene whose absence seemed to be related with the occurrence of Parkinson's disease;
Protects the brain from damage caused by free radicals, which is important in neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease;
When cancerous organism helps in stopping the growth of tumors and killing tumor cells and deformed, but not healthy cells, with one brain tumor causes the body to cure itself produces and implements immunosuppressive therapy, so it is not surprising that the cytostatics combined with propolis effective, the side effects are much smaller and recover much faster after chemotherapy.
NATIVE Propolis is a powerful natural safe prophylactic for health care and a huge help the organism as a remedie in diseased states, with whom he lived longer.

Project: Active - Ministry of Science and Technology
Investor and creditor: Business Innovation Center 'BICRO' Zagreb
Research: Institute "Ruder Boskovic" - Zagreb, Institute of Maritime Medicine Navy - Split
Approval of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare

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