Hedera, family-owned company for the products of bee and plant origin, extending to the east

Header was established in 1988. as a craft for cosmetics which are subsequently specialized in herbal medicines and bee origin without chemical processing of raw materials. It was the beginning of a family business spouse Jelena and Saša Radić recalls today Božo their son who has never been employed by the parent. However, very familiar with the production of all products, food supplements, which Hedera intense struggling in the market for several years. Božo Radić ga doctor and the production program with a professional interest in hand, but he says "do not want to leave their patients and therefore continue to work in the emergency medical services in Koprivnica." But how to drive these small businesses located in Stobrec near Split, and Radić has permanent residence in Zagreb, understandably almost daily on the road.

Credit Ministries
Božin father is a doctor of chemistry Saša who until a few years ago worked at the Institute of Naval Medicine in Split and whole life dealing with science publishing technical papers related to maritime medicine. In recent times, he wrote several books on diet and health, such as "Spices and health", "Propolis - Remedy 21st Century, "" Royal jelly - a natural stimulant, "" Honey - natural energy "," Pollen - the perfect food "itd.Saša Radic today Director Heder in which employs seven people who packed products and accessories, and the raw materials are procured from the Croatian , primarily from beekeeping cooperatives. Today their salesmen, pharmacists selling medicines to all pharmacies in Croatia. In the last five years in the production of products Heder has grown 6.7 times, and nine traffic. The last three years, sales rose 75 percent last year was 3.5 million in 2008. reached 2.5 million, in 2007. two million. In the beginning, the first year of production of new products, the company was spun and 400,000 kuna. Today the annual production of about 40,000 units of the product which is for our small business a respectable number, Radić said. For example, of 130 pharmacy in Zagreb, Radić says that only one had not met their product .Few years, precisely 2,001th when he announced a competition for innovative technology projects financed by the Ministry of Science and Education through Business Innovation Center BICRO, Hedera applied and got kredit.U collaboration with the Institute Ruđer Bošković Institute in Zagreb was made on the basis of scientific studies that have been put 110,000 euro loan funds with which he bought some equipment and employed professionals. On the market are early as 2004. The preparations emerged from the strategic project Heder, Apiceutici. These are preparations of bee products because it says Radić "as honey market has always been developed, Hedera to this product turned in another way."

Method of DNA chips
They are interested primarily in their original form propilis what created it plants, and further refined the bees. One of the products is just Hedera native propolis, for which scientific research has shown that a natural antioxidant. Professional, but also friendly vocabulary Radić explains that propolis actually pitch in which the plants are deployed over 200 different compounds to natural recipe. Since there is no solvent that ga can completely dissolve, propolis solution does not contain all of the active substance, part of the substance remains unused and not achieved complete healing effect. Hedera company managed to produce innovative procedures preparation Crude propolis without chemical treatment taken from nature in its original form. Radić further states that the research method and DNA chips in the Ruđer Bošković Institute showed that native propolis stimulates the process that converts harmful substances entered into the body in less harmful or neutralize them and repair the damage. Briefly, propolis helps the body to maintain a health balance, and the common cold treated him just get over it, according to the trailer, 2.5 times faster without the use of other drugs. In addition, he noted, Native Propolis contains pure Croatian propolis and bee pollen from plants Dalmatian bušinac (Cistus monspeliensis). All Heder products approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Currently preparing to export to Serbia and Russia. Procedures for approval of exports are long lasting because these products are under the Ministry of Agriculture for animal even though they have passed all the test of the Ministry of Health. In terms of production, Hedera had to work on it and got the certificate of HACCP. Besides native propolis Hedera work another Heprocet, special bee propolis recipe with the addition of calcium, which protects the body from allergies, then there is a bee pollen with propolis, which seems a natural source of vitamins and minerals, Bronhocet to protect and strengthen the respiratory system, while Ferrocet allows greater utilization of iron from food. The production program is a natural energy stimulant Melbrovit in which a key role is played by royal jelly.

Competition among big
Radic still a story that few manufacturers can affect the final price of their products to pharmacies. Finally, it is known that they are just the supplements good profits for pharmacies and their margins are higher than the other products that are sold without a prescription. Competition is also increasing and domestic honey producers string them into the production of feed additives. The world market of food supplements is extremely large and profitable, and in some segments more than the production of medicines. That is the reason, says Radic, why farmeceutske companies are turning to this production, and the example of Bayer Supradyn supplement that works. These products are readily advertised namely, the sale is free, and the target group is wider because supplements are not used only sick but can everybody else. According to some estimates, pharmacy achieved 40% revenue from OTC medications, or those sold without a prescription.

Product portfolio

Come two new products
Currently the most important product in the market Heder's native propolis, a second force Melbrovit, royal jelly. Here are bee pollen, and Bronhocet Heprocet. For the protection of the urinary tract is made Apicet, and iron absorption Ferrocet. In the second half of April this year Hedera going to launch two new products, a junior native propolis powder for children and Gastrocet to protect the digestive system.

Raw materials from the Croatian

Grazing of BUŠINCI
The Header is supplying raw materials for the Croatian and Radićbelieves that the majority of beekeepers certainly heard of them. From beekeepers from Dalmatia pollen used in combination with propolis from plant bušinac which grows only here and there especially valuable medicinal properties. Beekeepers who cooperate with the trailer, for example, need to pay special attention in Dalmatia bees to pasture where it grows bušinac. In total there are hundreds of beekeepers who work with them and are in Istria, near Karlovac, Virovitica, islands, etc. The resulting material is analyzed and measured in the Header and in the Institute of Public Health. Beekeepers have undergone certain training in order to implement the requirements of Hedera.

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