Company Hedera from nature took propolis in their original form as they have been ga created plants, and further refined the bees, and innovative technology, no chemical processing, preparation produced Nativni propolis. Thus the best preserved all its medicinal properties. Nativni propolis contains pure Croatian propolis and bee pollen from plants bušinac Dalmatian.

Propolis is extremely valuable to the health of resin. It contains more than 200 different compounds of plant origin, and it is used by bees to seal up cracks in the hive and sterilizing honeycomb cells. Proven antioxidant and is one of the most effective substances to boost immunity. Recommended when a weakened condition, but also during the recovery from the disease. Healthy people use propolis to prevent negative effects of stress, major psychophysical effort, radiation, pollution and aging. As a substance that effectively enhances immunity, propolis helps protect the body against colds, flu and other illnesses.

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