Clinical experiences of local therapy with propolis preparations have shown good results in treating cervical ectopia, erosion, inflammation and vaginal inflammation.

It has been proved at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Zagreb that Croatian propolis has anti-tumour and anti-metastasizing effects on mammary gland carcinoma.

Research results of Ruđer Bošković Institute have shown that NATIVE PROPOLIS stimulates processes that prevent the formation of carcinomas of reproductive organs. Furthermore, it stops the progression of carcinoma and kills tumour and deformed cells.Cytostatics combined with propolis are more efficient in preventing the progression of carcinoma and its metastasizing and the side effects of chemotherapy are substantially diminished (nausea, weakness, vomiting, and the reduction in the quantity of corpuscles).

Therefore, the usage of propolis is important for protection of persons at increased risks for hereditary reproductive organs diseases and, with a compulsory physician recommendation, it can be used to treat the above mentioned diseases.

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