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Iron deficiency (iron-deficiency anemia)

N.B. Zagreb, 28 years, female

I had a lack of iron in the blood and the constant lack of energy. Since I use capsules Ferroceta, I feel that I have more energy, I'm always tired and do not fall asleep as soon as I sit down in front of TV, and a way of life and the obligations we are all the same. I have improved my blood work in general, and the iron came to normal.

Chronic anemia (low hemoglobin and iron)

A.S. 37 year, Zagreb, female

Always suffer from anemia, but got very ill 14 years ago and now before 3 months I have a very low hemoglobin and iron. My symptoms are palpitations, shortness of breath, weakness, dizziness, problems before menstruation, morning sickness ... From ferroceta no more uspušem when I climb the stairs, I was no longer tired as before, palpitation are rare, disappeared weakness.

Heartburn (GERD, gastroesophageal reflux disease)

G.M., Konjščina, 45 year, female

Heartburn that I have become a one time everyday and disrupted normal life in me, now I just sometimes occur, and then the short-term. I am happy that I am on your facebook page, read about the products that I can only recommend (especially Gastrocet).


B.G. Pirovac 35 years, male

I have gastritis, increased acid in the stomach and heartburn. Since drinking Gastrocet reduced acid in the stomach by 90%, I feel better, and medicines for stomach did not drink for 2 weeks.

Influenza and Immunity

S.J. 40 year, Sesvetski kraljevac, female

Koristmo Native Propolis Junior for enhancing the immunity of my children. I think Junior is a great protection from common colds in children, because they are more resistant immunity is now cool and not likely to suffer often. All praise!


T.O. 35 years, Zagreb, female

There are many reasons why kids give Junior. They have a better appetite, less airway problems.

I personally take Bronhocet natively and therefore easier to endure mental and physical effort and feel less tired.

Frequent colds

T.T. 42 year, Osijek female

There are many reasons why kids give Junior. They have a better appetite, less airway problems.

I personally take Bronhocet natively and therefore easier to endure mental and physical effort and feel less tired.

Fumade (hot flushes)

K.M., 48 year Ludbreg. female

For a year I feel a change in the organism. I have bouts of redness, heat and lack of air, it goes through the menopause.

As far Melbrovit 2 times a day, all the symptoms are much smaller and quieter feel. I am sure that I will be a transition period much easier with him.

Tiredness, lack of sleep

Š.D., 43 year, Sarajevo, female

I feel more energetic and healthier, have more energy and do not trouble no allergies to dust.


M.J. 32, Zagreb, female

Since I Melbrovit jelly, easily perform everyday tasks at work and at home, because my body better immunity, and significantly less stress we feel is really very important, because I need to function well at work, but as a mother and her girls.

Lack of energy, stress

M.B. Pakalenica 48 year, female

For a long time I suffer from fatigue and lack of energy. Since I Melbrovit I have more energy, less anxiety and I feel good.

Allergic rhinitis (pollen allergies)

Man, G. M. 56 year from Zagreb

For several years, beginning in March of problems with pollen allergies that I manifested symptoms of runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, itchy nose, eyes and throat and red eyes that lasts several months. I was resolved problems usually nasal spray that prevents the release of histamine and taking antihistamines.

Last year I started taking therapy 2x2 capsules Heproceta two weeks before the pollination of plants and I noticed that I did not need a nasal spray or antihistamines. Symptoms do not appear, and this is the first year that I have no problems with allergies in the spring.


D.M., Orašje 40 years, male

At 8 and 9 months during ambrosia, especially releasing pollen had expressed difficulty with burning eyes, dry, itchy nose, burning throat and palate, sinuses were clogged and I lost the sense of smell and taste by 15 dana.Uz all had I have low immunity, he felt tired and fatigued, coughing, wheezing, waking up at night with symptoms of suffocation itd.Čak two times I ended up on the infusion of exhaustion, and mentally I was distracted and nervous about the problems that have lasted longer than a month.

By using Heproceta in the 20 years I've changed all the antihistamine that are on the market. Not that I have a subjective improvement, but it is no longer očito.Sluznica nose dry, burning eyes and throat more nema.Kihanje is minimal and only coating gales feel lighter simptome.Nemam congested sinuses and endlessly unpleasant discharge from the vibrant nosa.Osjećam , enthusiastically, regularly sleeping, I was reborn and quite by accident I found out through the internet for you and I can not be načudim Heproceta such action. Already I know the healing properties of bee products, but like I've forgotten it.

COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

LJ. Mr. 47year. female

Because diagnosis bothering me dyspnea, shortness of breath, coughing, and sneezing. In addition to taking their medication Bronhocet. I feel improvement since taking it up, because I have a reduction in symptoms and breathe easier

Smoking, lack of air

M.E. 45 years Female

For some time I have a problem with fitness, lung (nervous about cigarettes) I take 4 capsules a day and now I can say that breathing is much better, nervousness in dependence on al lot less, do more.

Strength, concentration, endurance

I.F. Zagreb, 33 years, male

Since taking pollen and propolis feel significantly less daytime fatigue, increased my concentration at work, generate greater demand during the holidays, increased durability on the job.

General health

I.M. Sv. Ivan Zelina, 26 years, female

Otherwise I'm sensitive health-frequent sore throat, dry cough, sinus problems and vision. better and easier to feel after taking it. Changes are felt.

Vitamins and Minerals

E.P., Ogulin, 37 years, female

Since I Polenvit - bee pollen with propolis I have generally improved, fewer infections, colds, better mood, more energy, and ability to work ... Hair and nails are my firmer, less friable, tan nicer, brighter.

Enlarged prostatic (benign prostatic hyperplasia)

B.R, Split, 73 years, male

The last 10-years I have problems with difficulty urinating, and regularly wake up at night at least once. After examination by a doctor I got the diagnosis of enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia). Last year Apiceta drink capsules and condition we significantly improved. We reduced the total number going to the bathroom, the less I wake at night, and often does not wake up, and I feel much better. I will certainly continue to drink Apicet continues!