Man K. R. 36 y of Split.

During the two months I've taken three classes of antibiotics for sore throats that would briefly subsided so again occurred. Once I started taking antibiotics 3x3 native propolis capsules sore throat disappeared after 10 days. I continued to use native propolis another 3 months.

Already 2 years I have no problems with the neck, and when I feel that he might have trouble taking capsules throat preventive four days. I feel great and I seem to have more power and increased my physical endurance. Before I started taking propolis I was diagnosed with a polyp length of 3mm on the part of the large intestine that joins the small intestine.

I did control after 4 months of diagnosis of polyps and no more. As the period of diagnosis of polyps to control coincides with taking propolis, I suppose it is the main cause of the disappearance of polyps.

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