Huntington's disease

Already more than a year ago ordering Nativni propolis for son 13 years who suffers from Huntington's disease. His condition began to deteriorate so it could be seen especially in weight loss, loss of appetite and zest for life. Physical changes were such that it could not recognize nor his closest. All that was left to him were skin and bones. Panic and fear of his death had been thrown into despair. I prayed to God to direct me to something that my 35 years old son prolong life. The same day I found everything about Nativni propolis and immediately ordered the first three vials. Even after the use of native propolis than a month there have been major changes for the better. His appetite improved, physically stronger, one word transformed physically and mentally better. I have to mention that the disease is progressive and there is no cure for it, but Nativni propolis did a miracle on the day when it was my son started taking his condition has not worsened, but he has improved in every way. Disappeared into his mouth inflammation, colds and flu no longer had strengthened the physical and became brighter than it has ever been over the years of his illness. My son still uses Nativni propolis, which I consider a gift of God and I thank you all in the Header on regular shipments of this miraculous cure.

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