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Iron deficiency (iron-deficiency anemia)

N.B. Zagreb, 28 years, female

I had a lack of iron in the blood and the constant lack of energy. Since I use capsules Ferroceta, I feel that I have more energy, I'm always tired and do not fall asleep as soon as I sit down in front of TV, and a way of life and the obligations we are all the same. I have improved my blood work in general, and the iron came to normal.

Chronic anemia (low hemoglobin and iron)

A.S. 37 year, Zagreb, female

Always suffer from anemia, but got very ill 14 years ago and now before 3 months I have a very low hemoglobin and iron. My symptoms are palpitations, shortness of breath, weakness, dizziness, problems before menstruation, morning sickness ... From ferroceta no more uspušem when I climb the stairs, I was no longer tired as before, palpitation are rare, disappeared weakness.

Abundant menstruation

V.K. New Marof, 41 year, female

Taking native propolis only 1-2 capsules daily, general condition improved, I have more strength, I had iron deficiency despite severe menstrual period, and I caught a cold maybe once a year as opposed to before when I was often cold.


Girl P. K. 25 year of Trogir.

From an early age I was suffering from anemia and struggled with frequent colds and sore throat. Works anemia I had to take iron and vitamin C, and even injections of iron. Situation would be improved for a time, but with horrible indigestion.

I tried every day with fresh natural juice of beetroot, lemon and carrot maintain the level of iron in the blood, but after a while I could not even more ga smell.

It is two years since I started taking a dose of 2x2 native propolis capsules per day, the state of anemia is significantly improved. Recent analysis has shown that the blood iron levels even reached the upper limit. I no longer suffer from colds and sore throats.