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Heartburn (GERD, gastroesophageal reflux disease)

G.M., Konjščina, 45 year, female

Heartburn that I have become a one time everyday and disrupted normal life in me, now I just sometimes occur, and then the short-term. I am happy that I am on your facebook page, read about the products that I can only recommend (especially Gastrocet).


B.G. Pirovac 35 years, male

I have gastritis, increased acid in the stomach and heartburn. Since drinking Gastrocet reduced acid in the stomach by 90%, I feel better, and medicines for stomach did not drink for 2 weeks.

Constipation (obstipation)

Z.B. Vis, 83 year, female

Taking native propolis 2x2 capsules daily from preventive reasons, I promjetila after 10-15 days of constipation is gone I had a long, and digestion is fully normalized.

Irritable bowel syndrome

D.B. Split, 51 year, male

Health symptoms: abdominal pain, bloating, weight after eating, pain under both rib arch and sigmoid bowel, alternating periods of diarrhea with the period of imprisonment. After 7 days of 3x3 capsules daily native propolis stopped abdominal pain and a bloated feeling. Pain in sigmoid intestine were lowered, and Ankon 10-15 days and stopped. The chair is normalized. I continued to take 2x2 capsules of the next three months to make a gradual and interrupted therapy. I do not have any more problems. Thank you!

Stomach ulcer

Man, Z. M. 48 year of Zadar

In 1986. I got a stomach ulcer that manifests pains and acid in the stomach and digestive difficulties. Of the drugs I take controloc. In February 2006. I started taking two capsules of native propolis. After 40 days I felt the weight of any acid in the stomach, the chair is normalized, and the general condition is much better. I can eat and drink what I want.

Chronic inflammation of the colon (colitis)

Man R. L. 54 year of Split.

20 years suffer from colitis, which is why I was forced to fundamentally change the way of life and diet. At one point, I had 48 pounds, because I could not eat anything. The only food we had was rice served with some teas.

When the diarrhea stopped, I started very carefully chosen to introduce a very light and easily digestible foods, mostly well-boiled without seasoning. One time with strict dietary food, I would be fine, but the disease could re-occurring.

For the third year since taking native propolis capsules with a disease condition has improved considerably. I no longer have diarrhea and I feel good, but the disease until it is no longer activated in such a drastic form.