Function improvement and protection of urinary tract

The natural product APICET® contains bee pollen dominated by pollen of the Dalmatian herb Rock rose (Cistus monspeliensis). Rock rose pollen is traditionally used because of its therapeutic properties in numerous conditions, especially in urinary tract protection. Investigations of composition and bioactive effects of APICET® were done in the Ruder Boskovic Institute in Zagreb and the Institute of Naval Medical in Split. The product is GLUTEN FREE.

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1 cellulose capsule contains 315 mg of bee pollen and 125 mg of propolis

There are no adverse effects and there is no overdose with pollen

People allergic to bee products are recommended not to use it.

Bottle contains 60 capsules.

2 years

Hedera d.o.o., 4. gardijske brigade 35, Kamen, 21000 Split, Croatia

Aside from vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins, APICET® also contains biologically active substances polyphenols which are responsible for the main effects. It has been proven that substances from Apicet protect the liver from oxidation processes, scavenging of free radicals and help in the metabolism of noxious elements. Clinical investigations suggest that pollen helps in reducing problems with prostate such as enlargement of the prostate, especially in chronic prostatitis (a frequent and urgent need to urinate, pain or a burning sensation when urinating (dysuria), pain in the pelvic area, excessive urination during the night (nocturia), pain in the lower back and genital area, difficulty in urinating or diminished urine flow, occasional blood in semen or in urine (hematuria), painful ejaculation, recurrent infections of the lower urinary tract). Polyphenols, vitamins B6, E and mineral zinc, which are all contained in Rock Rose pollen, have a positive effect on the well being of the prostate. It has also been proven that vitamin E reduces the risk of prostate cancer. Pollen has a positive effect on sexual abilities in men (it can help improve potency and fertility).

In cases of enlarged prostate, acute and chronic non-bacterial prostatitis.

2x3 capsules per day, half an hour before or between meals.

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