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Royal jelly - Natural biostimulans

MELBROVIT® is a natural energy stimulant with royal jelly as its main ingredient. Royal jelly is a perfectly balanced food supplement for men and women who want to keep their strength and endurance in every stage of life, especially the middle aged and the elderly. It is a unique natural substance with very special biological properties which cannot be compared with substances from other natural sources. There is still no compliant scientific explanation about its mechanism of action on maintenance and improvement of health.

The product is GLUTEN FREE.

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100% natural
Gluten free
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1 pastille contains 100 mg lyophilized royal jelly with the addition of 2 mg of menthol.

People allergic to bee products are recommended not to use it.

The blister contains 32 pastiles.

2 years

Hedera d.o.o., 4. gardijske brigade 35, Kamen, 21000 Split, Croatia

MAGDIS d.o.o, 10431 Sv. Nedelja, Croatia, (receipt by Hedera)

With a biostimulating and revitalizing effect, it improves strength, restores vitality, averts fatigue (spring fatigue), increases concentration and memory and improves working ability, psychological and physical condition. It improves circulation, positively affecting the nutrition of brain cells and balance in nerve stimulation. It helps prevent atherosclerosis by affecting the reduction the levels of cholesterol and lipids in the blood. By modulating the immune system, it helps slow down aging, emolliates pain induced by arthritis. Menthol, except for its flavour enhancement function, enables easier breathing by reducing the sensation of respiratory discomfort. MELBROVIT® does not cause addiction.

People exposed to stress or great strain, men with sexual ability problems, women in premenstrual and menstrual periods, women with menopausal problems, students during periods of intensive studying, businessmen and businesswomen, drivers.

1-2 pastilles per day. Pastilles should be dissolved in the mouth for as long as possible. It should not be swallowed. The effect of the product is usually reached in the first day. In more serious conditions, improvement can be expected after 3 to 4 weeks but the full effectiveness after 3 months of daily usage of royal jelly..

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