Immunity booster with calcium

HEPROCET® is a special bee recipe of propolis and pollen with addition of calcium, which protects and invigorates protection of organism from allergies in a natural way. Propolis and pollen are prepared in their natural form without chemical processing with solvents and that’s why they contain all healthy natural substances. Such propolis, obtained in particular and innovative way, as well as pollen, were examined in Ruder Boskovic Institute in Zagreb and Institute of Naval Medicine in Split

The product is GLUTEN FREE.

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1 cellulose capsule contains 350 mg of propolis and bee pollen of Dalmatian plant businac (Cistus monspeliensis) in proportion 2:1 and 50 mg of calcium citrate.

None of the harmful effects were observed or are expected with recommended dosage, because of original and natural configuration of bee substances produced without chemical processing with solvents.

People who are allergic to bee products are recommended not to use it.

Bottle contains 60 capsules.

2 years

Pollen allergy (pollen fever or allergy rhinitis) is the most common allergy disease caused by floral powder particles. It usually begins in early spring and can last until the end of October. The most prominent symptoms are: snuffle and nose leakage, flow of tears, red and swollen eyes, sneezing, cough and hoarseness, itch of eyes, nose and throat, circles under the eyes and other. Appropriate therapies (hiposensibilation, antihistaminics, dekongestants, corticosteroids, kromons) and avoiding allergens (controlling bioprognosis and allergy) ease the symptoms.

It was shown by research that propolis blocks the release of histamin and prevents allergy reactions. It is also assumed that, with its immunomodulation activity, propolis invigorates defense and creates protective substances in organism which eliminate allergy appearances. As the concentration of propolis increases, the anti-allergic effect becomes more expressed. Mineral calcium is very important for the prevention of allergies. Bee pollen and propolis improve the transition of calcium from digestive system to the blood so it can additionally increase his concentration in system circulation. Besides calcium, added in the form of citrate, floral dust also contains natural calcium (about 1.000 mg/kg of pollen).

It is used as prevention for people who are predisposed to allergies. For seasonal allergy, it is recommended to start using the product two weeks before the start of plant flowering.

It is used preventively 2x2 capsules per day at least half an hour before lunch or between two meals. In acute conditions dosage can be increased on 2x3 capsules per day in consultation with your doctor.

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