Propolis and radiation


Research suggest that propolis may protect the organism from the harmful effects of radioactive, ultraviolet and electromagnetic radiation.

Every nuclear incidents, no matter how big, lead to radioactive pollution of the planet, food, water and air. In the long term it may increase the risk of thyroid cancer, leukaemia and bone sarcoma. Specifically, studies have showed that propolis prevents damage of chromosomes (1) and leukocyte DNA (2,3,4,5) caused by radiation. Interestingly, a study on mice which where pre-treated with propolis and afterwards irradiated by lethal dose of gamma rays, survived without any health consequences (6.7).

When using therapeutic doses of radiation, propolis suppressed inflammation of mucous membranes in the mouth (mucositis, which is a side effect of radiation) (8) and increased the effectiveness of radiation therapy in some cancers (9.10).

Exposure to sunlight raises incidence of allergies and skin cancers. Propolis has also been effective in preventing the harmful effects of solar radiation (11).

Electromagnetic radiation of mobile phones can cause an increase concentration of free radicals and oxidative stress in tissues (liver, eye, heart) and that can be prevented with some of the ingredients of propolis (12,13,14).
The protective effect of propolis from the harmful type of radiation is attributed to its capacity to eliminate free radicals, strong antioxidant abilities (1.11, 13.14, 15, 16, 17, 18) and balanced activation of the immune system (19).

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