Propolis and viral illnesses

Medicine so far no successful drugs for many viral diseases. In the fight against the virus best results achieved by the application of prophylactic procedures, especially vaccination.

Good experiences with propolis for common viral illnesses (colds, flu), contributed examining its impact on different viruses. Studies clearly indicate that there is a direct and indirect impact - direct antiviral activity and indirectly stimulating specific immune defense.

The immediate effect of antivirus is based on the action of DNA viruses. In some species (herpes simplex, influenza, genital herpes, herpes zoster, smallpox, reo-virus, etc.), preventing its replication and propagation within the cells and reduces DNA synthesis which manifests itself in the reduction of viral activity (1.2, 3.4).

In some oncogenic viruses prevents conversion of normal cells into cancerous so degraded their DNA (fragmentation), and also drives the mechanism of apoptosis, or the death of transformed cells (5,6,7). Research at the Institute "Ruder Boskovic" Zagreb confirm that NATIVE Propolis also kills tumor cells and deformed (apoptosis), but not healthy cells.

The basis of the indirect action is specifically boosting the immune system as seen in the increase in the number of lymphocytes and antibodies in response to viral infection (8). Interestingly, the vaccine (attenuated virus) in combination with propolis boosts immune defenses stronger than the vaccine (9).

A clinical trial showed faster healing of genital herpes in men and women with the local application of fat substances in propolis, but with the drug acyclovir (10). In cold virus taking propolis is 2.5 times the time to accelerate the healing (11).

Studies clearly indicate that the propolis, a mixture of about 300 compounds, more effective against the virus, but its individual joints (12). Propolis samples from different geographical areas have different chemical composition, but the difference is negligible biological effects (13). It is therefore important medicinal value of propolis as a blend of all natural compounds that plants are incorporated into it (NATIVE PROPOLIS), rather than singling out of certain compounds or mixtures of only a few compounds (propolis extract).

Multi-year results of a survey of people who use preventive NATIVE PROPOLIS confirm the absence of viral illnesses (colds, flu) and faster healing when it was used in the initial stage of the disease. Also interesting are the supernal native propolis in a few cases the disease mononucleosis (Epstein-Barr virus). Symptoms of the disease were slightly visible, clinical findings showed a slight increase of specific parameters, and the recovery is much shorter duration. NATIVE Propolis is a powerful remedy friendly natural preserve and restore the health of the viral disease.

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